[Android 2.0 build 210/212] Favourites and device access issues outside Home Network

Issues encountered on mobile data network (Wi-Fi OFF)
EDIT: Issues encountered via remote access or outside home network.

  • Favourites devices are not available and favorites list is blank!
  • Devices are visible, but pressing favorite icon or switching a device ON/OFF causes app to FC

Note: Favourites are visible on WiFi network and devices can be switched ON and OFF as normal.


I see this, too. Are you on the network or remote? I discovered that you are not on the same network as the hub. Externally, you don't have access to your favorite, and it doesn't update HMS correctly, for example. In addition, Dashboards don't load either.
What I'm also seeing hasn't been reported yet. If you are on the same network and turn on a device, it doesn't update the status, and it will not toggle if you tap the same device again.

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I am on my network and just tested this, It works fine for me.

I'm using Bond to turn on and off a device and it will not update. As well as some of the lights.
Keep in mind I'm not talking about going into the device from favorites. I'm clicking on the icon from the favorites which operates the device. If you turn it on it does not update and if you hit it again, it does not do anything because it still thinks it's in the current state in which you first went into the device as.

Yes, I see what you are saying. Will update OK from device page but not from favorite

I have the same issues as @jsarcone. Not on local lan, no favorites. Also if I turn a light on from the favorites section, it does not update the icon and you can't toggle it again. You can go into the devices section and turn it on again, but that also does not update the status green dot. If you go into the device so that it is the only one showing on the page it all works fine.

Sorry hard to explain but I hope it helps.