Android 10 killing the Hubitat background services every 24 hours

If I don't launch the Hubitat app on my new Android phone which is running Android 10 I never receive any hub notifications. The moment I launch the app the notifications start rolling in. I have been reading how "aggressive" Google has become with Android power management and the options of making sure there are no "background restrictions" and remove the app from optimization haven't worked. The configuration is below:

I will be honest I have see the same behavior with other apps on this new phone such as Tempest notifications, OneDrive photo uploads, and apps that backup my SMS or download Podcasts. They are all exhibiting this aggressive "kill the background worker threads" process. Once you let the app go idle for a few hours Android blocks their background workers.

Does anyone have any idea's on how to resolve this...I have done so much research and have no answers. The app works great on my older phone which is running Android 9.

Huh ... I just realized that I'm experiencing the same with a few work apps. I never put it together that this was happening. Google will get a ton of complaints and fix it. But geesh .. I'll see if I can also research it later. Good catch. I figured it was in my settings somewhere and put off checking.