An HSM rule that used to work door left open for x minutes

I am baffled by this one.

Simple alert me if door left open for x minutes.

This rule used to work just fine. Now it doesn't. Can't quite pinpoint if it stopped after last update or not, as I'm just noticing that it no longer works now.

Not sure where else I can go to diagnose this, but when I check the logs, the rule just doesn't fire anymore.

The time since the door was opened has long passed.
Any insights as to what's happening here appreciated.


Try taking the device variable out of your notification and see if it works then. Also, can you send a notification manually from the edit device page for that device?

I'm about try try taking out the variable,

but still, When I copy the same code to the announce RM-4, I get the notification just fine..
strange strange strange.

get's the the message with exact code


oh boy.
Thanks Ryan780.

It does work without the %device%,.. must be some sort of bug.

HSM doesn't support device tags?!?! works fine everywhere else.

Thanks for the headsup

I just did the exact same thing using the %device% variable and it worked perfectly. Now that you know it's working, try adding it back in.

added it back and now it works!

um., I'm glad it works and all, but why does it work though?

Because it's supposed to?? :confused:

I just had I think this same issue. Why doesn't using %device% work?