Ambient Weather Feature request

I use the custom Ambient Weather App from @kurtsanders. It works great, however I really need the wet sensor to turn off things when the rain starts. Living in the south this can happen quickly. This causes me to set the refresh to 5 minutes, however this puts a heavy load on the hub. Would it be possible two have two different refresh options? For example refresh everything every 30mins, but pick may 1-3 sensors and refresh those every 5 mins? ...may rain, wet, and/or wind?

No biggie if it's not possible. I'm just looking for a way to keep the load down on the hub, but still get the data I need.

thanks a ton for everything you've done. I love the APP, and have used it for years.

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Thanks @aarony and glad you like AWS.

Without a major re-write of the AWS (which I'm not favoring), I'm scratching my head how to do this for you within the complexity of AWS.

I agree with you that AWS does generate quite a few events each time it runs, especially given that so many weather station attributes are changing each time it runs and especially when the returned weather data is represented by tenths.

Couple of things I might suggest:

  1. Run AWS on an application hub, which is what I have used my C5 for Echo Speaks, AWS, and other resource intensive apps. Hub mesh only the specific rain attributes to your main hub for action.
  2. Check out AmbientEcowittWeather via HPM. It is just a device driver that might be less of a resource intensive application to run every 5 minutes since it does not convert the Ambient raw weather data into various metric/imperial, etc units and other features that are in AWS. You can use RM to read the rain related attributes from the virtual device and perform actions.
  3. I had a shade over my back porch years ago and connected it to my Hub to automatically Open/Close depending on temperature. I added a separate water sensor to my hub and placed it in a bowl with a few small holes to detect rain and close the shade.

If anyone else has suggestions, I am all ears!

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Could this be used, somehow?

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I did just upgrade to a C8…I like that idea. Thanks! I didn’t know if it would be simple or create a full rewrite.

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You could also get something like a Tempest Weatherflow and use that. Sensor changes are instant. Sure it costs a bit but it has so much you can use.... (also checks for hail)