Amazon voice commands - Turn on kitchen stove

This has annoyed me for a long time and I finally remembered to look into it.

I have a smart bulb in my range hood, called "Kitchen Stove".

It's in my Alexa devices list, and I can control it from the app. But when you try with a voice command it tells you it can't find any thing to do that. To get started first you'll need a smart kitchen appliance.

Anyone ever run into stuff like that where certain device names just don't play in the Alexa world?

Yes, that's why mine is called "Stove Light".


Yeah you need to change the name of it at least on the Echo side.

Alexa- "burn down the house"


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That's what I just changed mine to. Even Kitchen Stove Light works, but not anything that ends in Stove.

It's not a bug, it's a feature.

Do they even make smart stove tops? Why the heck would you even want one. That's on par with giving a monkey a loaded gun. :slight_smile:

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I wonder if stove is a reserved word. Try changing it to kitchen light to see if that works

Kitchen light works, because I have a device with that name.

Kitchen light = ceiling fan light
Kitchen sink = light over the sink
kitchen cabinets = rgbw strip under the cabinets
kitchen stove (now stove light) = range hood

In hindsight having kitchen in all these wasn't needed, but that's how I've had a lot of stuff named since I fist started home automation. To change some of them now would be frustrating trying to break mind muscle memory.

I renamed my living room ceiling light a couple years ago, and when using voice commands the wife and I still occasionally say the wrong thing LOL

I always put the word "light" in my light device names for voice command purposes. I've had so many times when leaving off the type where both google and alexa would turn on/off the wrong device. But I do have multiple lights, outlets, and a ceiling fan in almost every room - that makes it a lot more challenging for it to guess which device to turn on/off.

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So you can say, "Alexa, melt the plastic storage containers that were left on the kitchen stove."


You can get smart stove knobs that integrate with alexa...


There are some commands that Alexa has always been reluctant to trigger.

Closing a garage door is one in that there could be something preventing the door from closing. For example, one time my wife tried closing the garage door when the back door of the SUV was still open, The door came down and caused damage to the vehicle before reversing. If a child had been in the path of the door, the consequences might have been severe.

It may well be that Alexa won';t turn on a gas stove. If the gas turns on, but the igniter fails, gas could build up and cause an explosion.

I have a Traeger pellet grill. The WiFire app monitors things like temperatures and pellet hopper level. You can use the app to adjust temperature or turn off the grill, but the app has no provision for turning on the grill as that might pose a safety issue.

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Slightly off topic but I have a whirlpool gas oven/range and while I can’t turn on the burners I can tell Alexa to preheat the oven, etc

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Yeah that's a little too much for me. :slight_smile:

I use Alexa to control my GE oven all the time and love it. This is probably partially because the actual oven UI is cumbersome (wake up the screen, touch which oven to control, select the mode (bake, convection, etc.), [maybe select the type of convection], select the temperature, hit start - all of which can be a tish laggy). Easier to just say, "Alexa, preheat the upper oven to 400."

That said, as my 79 y.o. mother would say, her old oven where you just turned one knob is still the easiest, but I do really like getting the oven preheated when on my way home from somewhere.

Back when all of the smart refrigerators and toasters and such were first coming out, I said, "an oven is the only smart appliance that I can see any value in" and it has turned out to be true now that I have one.

My wife would burn the house down with that.

She routinely stores crap in the oven. Bread, pans, plastic cutting boards, etc. :slight_smile:

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Fair. One of my ovens in the double oven does have a gimmicky camera in it that you could theoretically check first, but we don't store things in the oven (and the oven glass is rarely clean enough for that camera to be of any value).

We never store stuff in our oven, so really the only annoyance is when you didn't realize that you had adjusted the racks for broiling the last time you used it so you have to deal with moving the hot racks.