Amazon reshipping returns?

I purchased a aeotec ZW080 gen 5 serien and I noticed that the bottom of the box was torn were you would push your thumb nail to open it. Not a big deal.
So now I have been trying for a hour to pair this thing (zwave) with no luck! yes I reset it,
I even tried unpairing device.
Has anyone had issues with thinking you have been given a broken device that was returned once

I always return a open package especially when I ordered a new product and not a refurbished one.


it does happen. return it.

It does and it's because Amazon and/or the Seller simply stick tape on it and re-sell it without thinking it could be a bad product in the first place. Not all buyers are honest when making a return. Some buyers are even sneaky by buying a new product to replace a bad one that is out of warranty or didn't work in the first place.

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That’s despicable! I have had issue with even new devices though. I always perform a general exclusion and factory reset on Z-Wave devices, even a brand new one.

Worth a shot before returning, unless you prefer to return. The only thing that would bother me would be if the battery wasn’t at 100%, but I have a highly accurate tester now to confirm such a thing.

True. I have received some bum devices.

Some bum put a bad one in the box.

Make them send a replacement. I'd also do a chat and complain enough to get some credit as well.

We discovered the hard way that Amazon does do this. There is an option buried in the setup of a listing that prevents them from doing so. Otherwise, they definitely will repack a returned item and sell it again. Imagine how well that would work with Hubitat, and a hub that was already registered!

We had to work hard to get them not to do this with our product, and to get every return, even unopened ones returned to us.

We've encountered the oddest things with returns from Amazon. We've had 2 or 3 SmartThings hubs returned in a Hubitat box, some random stuff, and just plain empty boxes. All of these were fraudulent returns. We find this sad.


Me too. Integrity is lacking in general these days...

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Sadly that is not uncommon. I worked retail and it is affectionately known as "rocks in the box" - people would buy items, take them out of the packaging, fill the box with weight to simulate the item, shrink wrap it back up, and then try to return it.

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I watched a "documentary" on Youtube about I think they called it reverse logistics. The annual costs for returns was enormous and as I remember Amazon was on the high end for returns.

Very good point the battery had not thought about that.

Also one thing I wasn’t thinking about at the time was, that particular Siren has a battery sealed inside, so that wouldn’t apply unless the thing was constantly run on battery over and over again for like a year.

I do find it really crappy the things that Amazon is supposed to be inspecting in a Warehouse Deal for example, often come with the basics like power adapters missing.
But so much is done by robots, I wouldn’t be surprised if that too is automated, and the process just isn’t as good as it needs to be.

Wow, I didn’t realize the next example would be so soon. I just opened the box of the Warehouse deal I got on an “iDevices” bulb adapter. :slightly_frowning_face:

Back it goes. Does Amazon even read what I write? I’m telling them about the wrong product be sent out in a box that was supposed to be inspected? Whether it’s human or machine making the mistake, mistakes are being made and no one is bothering to correct them. This is it just because it’s a busy time of the year, this is happening all year long