Amazon Prime Deal Day: Matter Smart Plugs?

I'm in the market for some smart plugs. They have a deal on Kasa Matter Smart Plugs today. Should I get them or are they currently largely unsupported at the moment and am I better off getting a Zigbee (like Third Reality) to help extend network?

The Kasa Matter smart plugs are currently supported by the Community App. I am working with the staff on having the support extended to the built-in App. Tapo devices will be supported shortly by a community integration (early next week?).

The Tapo code is working OK. I am troubleshooting a pesky http timeout issue that occurs nightly at midnight. It may be a Hubitat issue; however, I just do not know yet. Once resolved, the Kasa and Tapo community apps will be updated to the newest versions and I will offer the Kasa version to the staff for built-in consideration.



You are awesome! Thank you so much! I will go ahead and get the Kasa ones. :slight_smile:

FWIW I have 3 Kasa plugs and 3 of their power strips. They have been rock solid, more than Zigbee or Z-wave


If you run zigbee battery devices why wouldnt you use zigbee plugs to strengthen your mesh? Third Reality is probably cheaper then Kasa anyways.

Future proofing. That’s like saying “Why run a Cat5e Ethernet cable in your house when you don’t have fiber available in your area?” Because it could be someday and I hate to have to rewire the whole house. I don’t know if Matter is going to be the “next big thing”, but if it is then at least I’ll have some now. Plus, I have like 20 Lora Tuya and 3 Sonoff Dongles I can plug in random spots in the house to extend my Zigbee.