Amazon Prime Day - June 21-22, 2021

Rumors are pointing to June 21-22, 2021 but nothing official yet..

Stayed tuned for Prime Day deals as they become available….

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It’s official… Prime Day is June 21-22, 2021


Prime day has been postponed in Canada due to COVID :frowning:

Wonder if it will be as lame as last year? There was just a whole bunch of cheap junk that I had no interest in.

With Amazon being so awful* lately, I don't see this being any better, and probably worse than last time.

.* Everything out of stock, prices sky high, shipping taking weeks, and just terrible selection of products recently. Prime Day will be a disaster if they can't get that under control in the next 2 weeks. Good Luck!

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Last year I couldn't find anything new worth buying. I've already purchased all the "older stuff" I need. Mostly a waste of time unless you're just starting out this rabbit hole of home automation.


Curious on what will show starting tonight besides the Amazon hardware...

Lots of WiFi crap that is designed to make people scream at Alexa. And stuff that won't work when people hit the DHCP limit on their home routers.

Um, if they can ever get Alexa to understand them in the first place. :worried:


Alexa is the logical outcome from the 1987 Chrysler New Yorker, which intoned Koans, like "A Door is ajar", leading to the retort "A door is a door, a jar is a jar, you are a car, shut up!"

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I’m actually impressed with how Alexa almost always understands me.

Ziggy/Alexa is terrible. Google does far better answering questions.

But, yeah, lots of crap that MUST phone home to work clogging up him home WiFi. Sounds like a recipe for disaster once people move beyond the 3 bulbs that get them excited about home automation.

That will crap out when the company decides to drop support for the devices and their Internet server goes down for good.