Amazon Prime Day (July 12-13, 2022)

The best place to check for Deals for Prime Day is - Prime Day


Fire 7 tablets - up to 53% off

Looks like a pretty nice deal on these Blink outdoor cameras. Can they really run for two years on battery? If so, that's pretty wild. Anyone have good or bad things to say about these?

Note, this is appears to be a prime exclusive one day sale (50% off, 3 for $125):

If they don’t record very often, then possibly.

The Smartest House - 20% off everything- 2 days only

with coupon: THEDEAL

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The Kasa smart plug with energy mini is 3.49 if ordered through Alexa.

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Very nice Zooz sale! :slight_smile:

Which kasa SKU is power reporting?

Kasa KP 115

Im tempted to pull the trigger on the Phillips HUE Hub + Lily bundle but am curious what the community might be using as an alternative? What’s a good outdoor RGB spotlight solution to use with Hubitat?

ThirdReality Zigbee Motion sensors are currently $15 each or $60 for a 4-pack, a few dollars cheaper for each than I've seen before (bought one for $18 a while back after a $2 coupon just to try it out--not disappointed, though probably still not my favorite given their long shape and lack of other sensors) — and pretty cheap for a motion sensor in general: