Amazon Polly SSML Tags

Hi I have been trying to get TTS to work. Still having trouble getting it to work at all on my Echo Dot 4 gen after setting up Echo Speaks. My Nest Hub basically sounds like gibberish.

I understand that Hubitat TTS uses Amazon Polly. Ideally, I would like to use supported SSML tags for the both of the following use cases:

  1. Since I live in a bilingual house, I would like to be able to use the following code within HE

<lang xml:lang="is-IS">'Ég tala ekki íslenska?'</lang>

  1. I am trying to recreate Slacker Lab's Jarvis Home Assistant setup in HE, in particular, this code:

<*voice name=”Brian”>
<*prosody rate=”fast”>

Pardon me, lightning has been detected.


Is this possible in HE?

I believe you can do this with echo speaks