Amazon Key Lock Integration

Sorry if this has been posted before, but is there any possibility of integrating an Amazon key lock into Hubitat? Hate not having control of this lock except by the key app. I have a yale assure touchscreen deadbolt amazon key lock

Not that I’ve heard of. The standard zigbee version of the Yale assure locks works great with Hubitat.

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Agreed. I have two of these, and they have been flawless over the last year.

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What radio does this lock use? Isn't it just a Yale Zigbee lock?

I actually have 4 of the zwave versions and they work great as well. But yes this is just an alternate zigbee variation. When I had ST I could never get it to detect however, I could try this one as well. @bravenel could this be a possible integration?

So I'm a little confused and quite naive on the Amazon Key integration and how it relates to the locks. My understanding was it wasn't a specific Amazon lock, but a list of compatible locks that worked with the Amazon Key program.

Also a little lost here. You have four Z-Wave locks and one Zigbee lock? The Z-Wave you have joined to your Hubitat hub and the Zigbee you've never tried to pair with Hubitat, or it doesn't work? That would surprise me since Yale Zigbee does join with Hubitat. Yale doesn't have a proprietary Zigbee protocol for Amazon.

What am I missing or misunderstanding?

to clarify, from the documentation i'm seeing the device has a proprietary zigbee module that only connects to the amazon cloud cam and amazon interface. There are a list of compatible locks, but they all work in a similar way.

So I was wondering if anyone had cooked up an integration or tried to add to hubitat. I have tried without success. So I was wondering if there was an app or external integration, perhaps IFTTT?

I wasn't aware of this. My apologies.

How about the Echo itself? Can you lock the lock by voice, and unlock with a voice authorization code?

Yes you can. In theory I guess I can add to amazon echo ecosystem then use IFTTT?

Well, actually what I'm wondering is if you can use the Alexa Routines to trigger the lock. They recently added a Custom Commands action to their routines. Essentially you enter whatever you would normally say to the echo in the custom commands field. So when that routine runs, the Alexa routine does what you would have otherwise said "Alexa, [do this thing]"

It's possible to trigger Alexa routines by using a simple bit of code that acts like both a virtual switch and a motion sensor. Alexa routines can be triggered by motion sensors. So with this simple driver, you flip a virtual switch on HE, Alexa then thinks a motion sensor has triggered and the Alexa routine runs. Works for TTS messages, triggering WiFi only devices, etc. Not everything works with these custom commands, so you'd have to try it first to see.

Locks cannot be opened by voice unless you first enable a code, and say the code when asking Alexa to unlock. However (and I've never tried this with Alexa) it was possible to put that in a single phrase with Stringify, and so it might be possible to do the same with Alexa. I used to use this with my August lock before that piece of garbage broke. I would have Stringify send the message to Google, "Hey Google, unlock my August Smart Lock with the code 1234" for example, and it would work.

Worth a try. I'm told you can create these routines in the cloud via the Alexa app without buying an Echo, and they will continue to run in the cloud afterward. I've always had an Echo, so I cannot verify this, but the source is reliable. You can for sure test this out with just the Alexa app, regardless of whether or not you own an Amazon Echo.

wow, this is ingenious. I'll give it a try and report back here.

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That is incorrect (the proprietary zigbee module bit). They use standard ZHA1.2. There are several Hubitat owners who have purchased Kwikset conversion kits locks that are Amazon Key compatible, and have paired them directly with Hubitat. For example, @ogiewon.


Yep - I got one from Woot and I could pair it with HE. Unfortunately, I really just wanted to take the Zigbee module and replace my ZWave module in the lock but I could not get the ZWave module out of the original lock or be able to create lock codes while it was in the "Amazon" key casing (probably because it did not have a keypad connected?)

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I have an Amazon key zigbee kwikset conversion lock paired to HE and it works flawlessly.