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Is there an integration between Hubitat and Amazon Key? According to ChatGPT there is, but I can't find it and we have other threads leading me to believe we do not. That leads to the question of why not? it would be nice if we could disable HSM when Amazon opens garage door (myQ - don't say it), then set it back to where it was after the door is closed. Here's what ChatGPT said:

The Amazon Key integration can typically be found within the Hubitat Elevation dashboard or interface. Here's a general guide on how to locate it:

  1. Open your web browser and access the Hubitat Elevation dashboard.
  2. Log in to your Hubitat account.
  3. Once logged in, navigate to the "Apps" section or look for an "Apps" tab or menu.
  4. In the Apps section, search for "Amazon Key" or look for an app related to Amazon Key integration.
  5. Click on the Amazon Key app or integration to access its settings and configurations.
  6. Within the Amazon Key integration settings, you should find options to enable, disable, or modify the integration with Hubitat Safety Monitor.

If you have trouble locating the specific Amazon Key integration, it's recommended to consult the official Hubitat documentation or seek assistance from their support resources for detailed instructions tailored to your system.

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Well, this just shows that ChatGPT doesn't know everything, and like most people, just say stuff to sound smart. I'm not saying it can't somehow be integrated, just not the way that this is described.

There is no amazon key integration. If you're using my q with amazon key you could possibly use my q lite (available in Hubitat Package Manager) and an attribute from there to notify you via hubitat.

I use the myQ lite integration already. Not sure how I could trigger on Amazon delivery opening door with integrated key. Amazon Shopping and Amazon Key apps both do "notifications" before, during, and after a delivery, not sure how I could capture that notification into Hubitat.

You could use tasker to intercept the notification and pass that along to HE via makerAPI or webcore.


I could use IFTTT to flip a switch if I could find a way to capture the notifications from Amazon (Shopping, Key, SMS).

EDIT: Looks like IFTTT can SEND SMS, but cannot watch for them as a trigger. Same goes for email.

If you have a google or echo avoid IFTTT. Set up a virtual switch and just set a notification that the garage door has been opened.

Folks are missing the point. I do NOT want to turn off HSM any time the garage door is open (anyone could come along and force the door open and the alarm would turn off). I am looking for a way to temporarily turn HSM off if an Amazon driver using Key pushes his button to open the door and then after he closes it HSM would re-arm.

We get that but unless amazon key is in the my q api (and it isn't) there is no real way to do it. We're trying to give you alternatives.

If they force the door open vs having an actual command to open could be fixed by a rule...

Translation: garbage in, garbage out.

show me a rule

simply do if "whatever device that triggers garage door" AND "Garage Door Contact Senor" open then disable HSM. When closed enable HSM. Contact sensor (open via prying?) wouldn't disable it then. A combination of 2 things would have to be triggered. In your case my q lite open and an inline contact sensor. (Reed sensors are good for this).

Ok, so I have integrations with Alexa, Google, and IFTTT, but I have yet to use Alexa or Google for any triggers/actions - have to figure that part out. Alexa would be my preference as I do more there than Google... So if I create a virtual device in Alexa how do I trigger it to open/close based on when Amazon driver clicks his button - what's the hook from Amazon Key and/or MyQ? Really stuck there.

I have/use myQ lite, reed sensors (not currently in use because "local" was less effective than cloud - don't yell, was my experience even with open and close reeds and tilt - door would do screwy stuff (reverse during close, fail to open, start to close before we were in the door). I like your thinking on if switch and sensor then disarm, but if Amazon guy activates the door would the myQ lite change to open based on his button push or the change in tilt sensor... progress

You create a virtual switch in hubitat then expose that switch to alexa. Alexa monitors that switch and runs it's routine based on the status of that switch. Conversely alexa can activate that switch which can trigger a rule on hubitat.

If you go to the myq lite device in hubitat, what attributes does it show?>

Yep, got this part - have bunch of virtual switches exposed to Alexa/Google.

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Feel like there should be a cog wheel somewhere to find "attributes"... but how is this?

Door and contact have open/close attributes so you can use that as a trigger

Problem is, that open/close attribute is based on the tilt sensor - not a push of a button. I just tested by opening with myQ app - it changed to open after door was moving. I then tested by releasing the opener and opened the door (simulated force open) and the status changed to open.

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Then a secondary contact sensor would be necessary.

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