Amazon is buying Eero

Time will tell if this is a good thing...

I saw this and asked myself the same thing.
Funny thing is..I've been using eero for ~3 years now and love it but just moved on 2 weeks ago to my new Nighthawk AX8 (thing looks like a stealth bomber). The eeros were struggling to maintain the amount of wifi devices I had on one side of the house, especially while streaming 4K (cut cable a while back)...and I also wanted built in vpn. What surprised me most was that the new router handles everything like a dream AND covers my whole house including the garage.

My plan was to sell my eeros but now I'm going to hold on to them a bit longer to see what Amazon does with them. So now I have a 3 node eero pro system and a bunch of Echo devices being kept in purgatory because who knows what Bezos has up his sleaves.


Bezos may have his attention elsewhere for the next few weeks :smiley: Now that he's the top story on all the gossip sites.


More text and pictures? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I'd be interested in any feedback you have on the AX8's interface, Netgear has always had a pretty lame GUI (IMHO) is this improved? Also, current firmware is pretty stable? I'm open to trying it out but if WAF will go to crap because of unreliable WiFi I'll be in trouble.

Agreed...this was one of the primary reasons I returned the Orbi system and moved to eeros. The interface isn't the greatest but it has improved a bit compared to the last time I had to suffer through it. I actually found a small bug already that netgear plans to fix in the next firmware release. Beyond that, it's been humming along for the past couple of weeks. No dropped connections, everything feels snappier, I haven't found any dead spots, my Ring doorbell no longer has the occasional jitter or delays, I no longer need a Rpi dedicated to vpn services, I'm ready for Wifi 6. Very happy so far. Are there any features in particular you are concerned about?

I've been using my eero Gen2 for about a year, as you mentioned "cutting the cable" has definitely increased the load on my WiFi. I'm not to the point where my eero network is unusable, but if I am copying a large file from my media server, or streaming multiple 1080P videos I do start to see some latency on other time-sensitive devices, I have several "gamers" in the home that start to "squawk" when this occurs.

I'm not excited about the acquisition of eero by amazon (mostly due to amazon's track record for privacy) although I want to believe that eero will continue to maintain there focus on privacy (fingers crossed).

I also like the idea of using my router as a VPN too. I may go ahead and give the AX8 a try to see how it fairs,

I think you will notice an improvement when handling multiple streams with the AX8 over the eeros. I also had the Gen 2 and minor but noticeable issues when streaming 4K while gaming. I am yet to notice performance deficiencies with the AX8. Time will tell.

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Lame GUI but the mesh works and is local - no cloud needed unless you use the app or other services I guess.

I went the other way replacing Eero V2s with the Orbi RBK50. My 2 units have wired backhaul and work really well as an access point. I have an Opnsense firewall box running to provide all the necessary networking services etc.

Have not really touched the Admin page at all once it was running properly. Were I to do it over I might have considered the Ubiquiti UniFi stuff (not AmpliFi).

Ive had Google Wifi for about 4 months now and looking for any excuse to get a synology RT2600AC and an MR2200 but the GWIFI just keeps working flawlessly ! I have them hardwired using ethernet backhaul so that makes them work less hard

Wait! What?

I've had the Netgear X4S R7800 for about 18 months now, so I'm used to the UI. I've been thinking I'd like to do the vpn setup to get to the HE.

The house is large, and the wifi is sketchy in a distant spot or two. I had TP-Link extenders but we found out here on the forum that extenders change the MAC which screwed up the dhcp reservations needed for the GH Minis.

Sounds like the AX8 is a good fit with HE for me.

Wired backhaul is the way to go if your mesh router supports it!!

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Also a true fan of Orbi
I don't even need the third sattelite plugged in​:joy::rofl:

That's what I had for my eeros v2 but I think the node in my living area was saturated with 30+ devices and 4k streaming. I think I was putting too much of a load on the CPU. The AX8 has a 1.8 quad core that so far hasnt skipped a beat with multiple streams and gaming on my pc.

PS - the eeros no longer require internet access to maintain the LAN. That was fixed a while back.

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Once I saw that Asus and Netgears supported their own mesh networks, I was ready to jump in. My plan was to use the AX8 as my primary gateway and eventually add another nighthawk or mesh extender to cover my garage and turns out that the Nighthawk has enough juice to cover my whole house. First router I've used that has been able to do that.

Might be...worth a shot at least. Because it supports it own mesh as well, you can extend seamlessly as needed.

The built in vpn support is a great plus too.

Interesting thread. I think Amazon is making a wise competitive move here.

Just out of curiosity for the orbi, Google wifi and eero users here, did you consider ubiquiti at all?


Yea that was one pleasent surprise with google wifi too, no internet the LAN doesnt stop.

I almost did , but really didnt gain me anything (personally) and it would have been more expensive.

I did extensive research at the time for my specific conditions, The Orbi was the best solution in range and speed (on the end of the range).
When I got the opportunity on Black Friday to get it at half price I went for it.