Amazon Echo Skill sync

I got my new hub yesterday and began the process of migrating from ST hub.

I got life360 added just fine and all the individuals on the acct populated correctly.

When I attempt to add the Amazon Echo Skill - nothing seems to show up. I've confirmed the devices are linked and appear on my Amazon Alexa app and the Skill is enabled on the Alexa side as well as on the Hubitat side. Issue is, when I go to add it on the hubitat side, no devices show up in the dropdown menu to be selected (other then the names previously synched through life360).

I'm sure i'm missing a step, but I have unlinked, disabled the skill multiple times and I appear to be getting nowhere. I've followed any youtube tutorials I can find and still the same result.

Update: I installed Echo Speaks and I can't get the Echo devices to show up in that app either. I'm not sure what the deal is. They show just fine in the Alexa app and show "online". I've gone ahead and removed the ST alexa skill. I'm open to any new ideas.

Did you follow these instructions?