Amazon Echo Skill Logging

I have a smart bulb that keeps adjusting without input. I'm trying to turn on logging on everything so that I can see what triggered it to turn on, but I can't seem to find a way to turn on logging for the Amazon Echo Skill. Does that not exist?

Do you have Alexa hunches turned on. That has caused others to have unexpected light issues.


It was on, but I hadn't set any up. I just turned it off, just in case.

That's the beauty of Hunches you don't to set anything up, it just does it for you. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


generally it’s more like it just does it to you


If Alexa has a hunch you want the light adjusted she does it for you, Based on previous history. I have only had her turns lights off at like 1AM that the kids left on. It will flash the lights or slowly dim before turning off. So if you get up and the lights are dim when you left them at 100% this is why. Made the mistake of sharing a huge group to Alexa before though and if it was on at 1AM it would try and flash every single zwave switch 3 times on and off, lets just say it made the mesh very angry and half of the lights were stuck on still the next morning.

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