Amazon Echo Skill Error

I seem to have a constant stream of error messages from Amazon Echo in my logs. However - it seems to be working fine - but according to the new stats section its using up a lot of CPU. Any ideas @bravenel / @mike.maxwell:

See your private messages.. I want to get more information on this.

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I am having similar issues with the Echo Skill. Now running Hub

The errors come is such rapid succession and high volume that the automations seem to slow down or sometimes fail. Otherwise, everything is working. Any help would be appreciated, @bcopeland


Did you get resolution of this issue? I am experiencing the same thing.


@Donald please see my PM

Btw I was able to stop this error by deleting all Alexa devices, and the skill from Alexa and starting again.

I’m guessing that I’ve had this app ticking along since it’s release and some update at some point didn’t play nice with some of the devices.. after a fresh installation there are no errors