Amazon Echo Skill confusion due to ST? Any ideas to block/mass delete all the discovered devices connected to Alexa

I am on my migration from ST and I have noticed the Amazon Echo Skill on HE is having a little difficulty I think because I have hundreds of existing Amazon devices left over from SmartThings skill and obviously the names are most times duplicates of the ST names showing up in Amazon Alexa.

To minimize the issue I wanted to clean out these unused amazons devices but I can't find a way to do a mass delete of these ST devices. I am sure I have the same issue over in Google Home although I haven't gone over there yet.

Can anybody help me on how to best clean up the Amazon and Google home ST stuff? I sure hope this isn't a one device delete at a time process.

If I remember correctly... For Amazon you can mass delete if you do it from a browser instead of phone -

Go to device list, scroll to bottom.

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :grinning:

Well in my excitement I spoke to soon: It deletes the group but all the discovered devices remain connected.

Any other ideas to block/mass delete all the discovered devices connected to Alexa?

That's what it does if you go to SMART HOME --> DEVICES and at the bottom and click FORGET ALL?

Looks to me like you are in GROUPS...

In the event that you don't really want to FORGET ALL, you will have to click forget on each device you want to remove. Still faster than doing it from the phone though.


+1 for using the desktop site over the mobile app. That was the fastest way I could find to delete old devices in ST. And IIRC you can sort by date added, so it should be possible to click through your older ST devices pretty quickly even if they have the same names as your new HE devices.

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My echo would probably ignore me. She seems a bit miffed with me lately. I added a bluetooth speaker and now she does her own thing. Won't even respond when I call her name. She must've acquired the "selective hearing skill".

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Thanks for the keen eye! Being in Groups and not Devices was absolutely my problem. :roll_eyes:

I just deleted 516 devices out of Amazon Alexa then did a quick 20 second rediscover and now only my Hubitat is showing up.

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:astonished: Wowzer!
That's a lot of control.

Ha ha not really.... interestingly enough it turned out a lot of those devices were from me testing KOF with you. I have a habit of renaming my device handlers during testing so I can keep track of issues easier so with the 3 Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan controllers and all of its children devices plus all the testing we were doing I ended up with a lot more devices that Alexa kept "finding" and all the others I wasn't deleting. I think my actual control of devices is just over a hundred.

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