Amazon Echo Skill app: devices with multiple capabilities


I have a problem with devices with multiple capabilities: the ones that also provide "TemperatureMeasurement" capability are detected by Alexa only as "Temperature Sensor".

I don't know if this is a problem with the Alexa API or an issue with the app.

Any suggestions?

I'm no expert, but I have seen the same thing. I have a ST contact sensor with temp but in the Alexa app it only shows temp. If I make a routine including this sensor such as garage door sensor it comes up with the open-close options when making the routine. So I think the Alexa app sees temp as something to display in its device page but when using the sensor in a routine it will work as contact sensor. Just my 2 cents, like I said not an expert.

Ok, so it keeps working as a contact/switch even if Alexa shows it's a Temperature Sensor? This confirms what @Evilborg reported. Thanks.

Although I'd like to understand, if possible, if it's a standard behaviour of Alexa with devices with multiple capabilities or it's the Echo Skill app, because until recently this was not the standard behaviour.

I also found this as a blessing too. If the device has temperature you can ask Alexa what the temperature is for that device.

Yes but that's not the primary capability of the device. Showing a switch/contact as a temp sensor is wrong. Probably internal temperatures of a device should be mapped to a DeviceInternalTemperatureMeasurement capability, not to a general temp sensor capability, it's misleading.

I only just noticed this (and found this thread) and don't recall they were like this when I setup HE a year ago.

Also, you can't create a routine using the temp sensor or humidity, only motion or open/close. Of course, I use HE directly in some fashion for that, but still...

You can also ask Alexa if the "basement door" is open or closed and she will respond with the state. Doesn't seem to work with motion sensor state.

They were absolutely not behaving like this. Something has changed, probably in the Amazon Echo Skill app that interfaces Alexa, that's why I opened a thread also in support section but nobody replied yet.