Amazon changes rolling out today

After the recent nationwide outage of AWS I thought it was appropriate to make note of this.

4 of my Echo Show devices (1 5", 1 8", 2 10") went through some form of update just now. I saw the 'updating' screen for 11 minutes, then it rebooted, and I saw 'optimizing' for 14 minutes. When the unit I was watching finally came back to life, it operated normally - I checked my cameras, and basic operations and nothing seemed out of the ordinary but - be advised. Changes are afoot!


Amazon Echos get their firmware updated routinely. Did you intend your post to imply that something nefarious was afoot?


I believe that Amazon is adding a SmartHome control page to the fire devices (do not know which ones). Saw that yesterday while looking for AWS issues.


UPDATE: FOUND LINK: Amazon starts rolling out Smart Home Dashboard and other new features to Fire TV (

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What does one thing have to do with the other? Other than β€œAmazon” I suppose.

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you guys are hilarious! The implication was 'watch out for echo devices rebooting'.