Sengled Plug E1C-NB7 4 Pack $49.49 (Dead)

Sengled Smart Plug 4 PK

Was: $63.99
Deal Price: $59.49

Edit: Looks like the coupon is gone, so kinda of meh...
Regular price seems to vary between $70 and $60.
-$10 Coupon (multi use)
= $12.37/ea

Smart Plug Energy Monitoring
15A Zigbee Smart Socket
UL ETL Listed
*Not really UL listed...?
On/Off/Pairing Button
ZigBee Repeater
Fit 2 Plugs on a Regular Outlet


I bought a four pack of these for $63 ($70 - a $7 coupon)

I like them. I just ordered a second pack.