Amazon Alexa Control of Lutron & Other Devices


I am in the process of migrating from WINK to Hubitat. I have approximately 30 Lutron Caseta devices and I am setting them up with a Smart Bridge Pro. I have removed all of the devices from my Amazon Alexa account.

Can someone please clarify how the integration all works between Alexa/Lutron/Hubitat?

I know that once I have the devices setup in my Smart Bridge, I can add the Lutron Skill and add those devices to Alexa. But do I want to do that, or do I add them to Alexa through Hubitat? Naturally, I don't want them to appear in Alexa twice.

The next question is regarding best naming practices of the devices when I add them to the Smart Bridge Pro. I would love some feedback or ideas on the best way to set this up. I just received my Smart Bridge Pro and I would rather do it right from the beginning.

Thank you,

I expose all my devices to Alexa only through Hubitat. For consistency, their names are kept the same on every hub (eg. Hubitat and Caseta Pro bridge).


Iā€™m right there with you kissed ditching Wink as well. I have a post similar to yours. I am in agreement with the other poster, let Alexa discover the Lutron end points through Hubitat. One great reason for this is if you ever grow your system large enough (more than 75 Lutron end points) you will need a second Lutron hub and the Lutron skill for Alexa currently only supports 1 hub. I am in that boat and for that reason I am going to let Alexa discover my Lutron devices through the Hibitat.
As far as naming things, I like to ask my wife what she calls this light or whatever so that she can remember. She says things like wood chandelier, old light, etc. But it boils down to naming it something you can remember, hope that helps.


Same as the others, I only expose the Lutron stuff via Hubitat.

It just makes it easier to manage one set of devices, and one set of automations, and so on.