Am I totally screwed for my C-8 Conversion?

Got my c-8 today.

  • I did a full cloud backup of my c-5
  • Restored the backup to the C-8.
  • While that was loading in on the C-8, I reset the Zwave and zigbee radios on the C-5 before I shut it down (didnt know if it would cause an issue if I fired it back up one day to use it for something)
  • Restore completed on C-8 and it shows all devices BUT ...the zigbee radio has all the zigbee devices, but the Zwave radio has nothing

Is there ANYTHING i can do?

Did you get an option to restore Z-Wave when you restored the backup to the C-8? If not, it was likely not part of the backup and would, then, be a problem. But if it was, maybe something just went wrong with the restore? You could try the restore again.

If not, it won't help you now, but the instructions (linked to on the "migrating from another hub?" link you'll see when setting up the new one, among other places) tell you how this process works. You didn't need to reset the radios on your old hub, just shut it down; there's even a warning not to do a reset before you know it works:

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Actually that link says this:

Yes, but it also says this:

(EDIT: The note from the post above has also now been clarified to avoid any confusion, though it was not part of the actual "Performing the Migration" steps I was referring to, and the "What Do I Do With My Old Hub?" section has always had the above caution.)

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But yes, it is allowing me to restore Zwave Settings from my backup. I tried the most recent one twice, and the previous backup also, but with same results.

So you're not seeing anything in Settings > Z-Wave Details? Maybe @support_team could tell if it's missing from the backup or if something just went wrong in the restoration.

If you haven't already, make sure the C-8 is running the latest firmware, or at least something relatively recent, from Settings > Check for Updates (it should have done this during setup, but it can't hurt to check).

I just have this in the new C-8

Do a power cycle for 2 minutes on the C8 (shutdown and unplug power and then bring it back up after 2 mins)

2 minute power cycle didnt change anything.

I dont know what the F i've been paying $30/year for if the backup cant actually restore the state of my ZWave if I happened to have reset the ZWave radio.

This is gonna take so many hours if I have to re-include and re-write all my rules.

Hoping someone else has ideas.

Tagging @support_team

This is even worse than I thought cause I'm re-tracing my steps and I didnt even read the "you must type RESET" to reset the Zwave network.

Well that clearly doesn't do anything cause I never typed reset, and yet a page then updates with "Z-Wave network was reset".

So doing that must somehow not just reset the Zwave device, but actually tell other devices on the network that it's gone, otherwise there's no explaination for why the restore failed.

Generally happy with this product but there's so many failures right here to convey proper information.

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