Alternative SmartThings Uses

This is likely a question that goes nowhere as I'm guessing the SmartThings hub is fairly well locked down and we are here to discuss Hubitat not SmartThings, but...
After you have successfully moved over to Hubitat, has anyone found a unique use for your now dormant SmartThings hub? Of course besides giving it away, selling it, or reenacting scenes from Office Space. I've thought about setting it up for another family member to get them started, but I'd rather just buy them a Hubitat!

I haven't found any use for mine either, but I never got rid of my v1 and I've brought the v2 back online a couple times to see if there were any firmware updates it could push to some ZigBee devices, but I definitely haven't found any creative uses for it. (Wonder if someone could just run some flavor of Linux on it?)

But I've thought about what you said, too--giving it away to a friend or family member who's interested in home automation. Then I remember all the reasons I moved off and think I'd be a terrible person for letting them use it. :slight_smile: (But it could be a good intro as long as they understand the role of the ST cloud and know that I'd help them move to something more serious if they're truly interested.)

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Luckily my Smartthings didn't cost much. It was just an add on dongle for my Nvidia Shield. It was on sale pre release for like $30!

It's now somewhere deep in a drawer in my office.

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I haven't had any bites on my ST hub I posted for sale a few days ago. Was just thinking the same thing this morning, do I have any friends that I could give it to? Oh wait...there's a reason I ditched it :joy:


I had planned on keeping mine around just in case any of my zigbee devices needed an update. But if you’ve been following the ST threads about the last update, you can see the flaw in my logic.


I have a SmartThings V1 and a V2 hub. I suppose they are too small to create an artificial reef . . .



If you plug it in, does it keep the coffee warm?

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I gave my hub to my brother. He always thought my automated stuff was cool. To my surprise his wife seems to have taken up the cause.

Lol I hear from her a few times a week in regards to devices she wants or how to make something work.

They have not had some of the issues I have been seeing lately on the ST forum.

I do however plan on ordering them a Hubitat for Christmas.

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my laptop runs hot - so I have it under the docking station to provide space for airflow. Looks good sitting under there.

Still running it with WebCore and OtherHub. At this point it's free and only costing me the money to keep it powered up. Plus it has unlimited TXT capabilities :wink: I've gotten pretty creative with using it. There are STILL cloud integrations so it hasn't been a problem. Everything installed IN the house is on Hubitat now, so all local. Being able to use WebCore over there and pass information is just keeping me from having to learn groovy to write my own apps.... :thinking:

I have 4 ST hubs, I have no idea of what to do with them, but the idea of the artificial reef seems rational to me.


Does anyone know if it’s possible to use them to extend ZWave or Zigbee meshes? Specifically the Samsung Connects? The multipack version of those devices seem to extend the mesh of both networks but I wasn’t sure if we could pair the Connect or Smartthings to the Hubitat usb stick at all.

Home Depot and Lowe’s seems to have the 3 pack for $99 or lower if you can find it as they have for the past few months. I’m thinking of grabbing one if it could extend the mesh.

Smartthings or Samsung Connect will not extend any of your HE meshes. The best (if you don't have any cheap Xiaomi stuff) is to get the Iris Plug from Lowes that includes zigbee and z-wave repeaters, I have 5 of them and they work. If you have Xiaomi then you need Xbee for zigbee mesh and maybe some z-wave plugs, switches or outlets to improve the z-wave mesh.