Alternate hardware?

Hi! Potential new user here.
(slightly long post here but I really want to get this correct right out of the gate)

I am reaching my limit with ST as I am now on week three of random automation failures and behavior. This of course put's Hubitat high on my list of alternatives.

At present I have a hundred or so devices integrated via ST. My user interfaces are ActionTiles and Amazon Echo's. Where possible I have used the Scenes and Routines in ST and for anything more complex I use WebCore.

I've been reading and viewing as much content as I can find on HE and so far it looks like it will meet or exceed my needs in most cases. The only area of question/concern I am left with is related to complex automation.

I have read several posts on whether or not Rule Machine is or is not more capable than WebCore and posts on whether or not you can stabley run webcore on HE. In my present ST/WebCore setup I have a set of 8 pistons that automate interior and exterior lighting and I don't want to lose the functionality that they give me. What heightened my concern was an HE podcast in which one of the developers cautioned people about overwhelming the HE processor with Rule Machine scripts that were too complex.

Short of buying and trying it is there anyway to evaluate whether HE can accommodate the automations I want to run?

If it is a limitation of memory or processor speed on the HE hardware, is it possible to port the code over to a more capable piece of hardware?

Regarding WebCore, what's the latest on running it on HE?

Any feedback or thoughts would be welcome!
Tom G.

There is a how-to on loading webcore on hubitat.

I've done some minor testing, and it works.

I guess it depends what your doing in webcore if it will overwhelm HE using webcore or rule machine. An explanation of the pistons or screenshot of a piston might help others to evaluate your question.

Thanks, When I get off work later today I'll see about some screen shots or at least a good explanation of the pistons.

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As an alternative to Webcore, look into node-red. Node-RED nodes for hubitat It has at least as much power as webcore and runs on hardware separate from HE so it won't overwhelm the hub. I have it running on a Raspberry Pi 4 and am very satisfied. It even has a pretty good dashboard.

Learning curve is not nearly as steep as WC - I used WC extensively in ST until I migrated to HE.

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Another option is get a second HE hub. Use Hubconnect to share devices over to the second hub and run your very complex rules on the second hub.
+300 devices on 2 hubs and the third hub has nothing except rules and the virtual devices from the other 2 hubs.
Also still have my ST hub as well for my thermostats, echo speak and a few random devices.
Very reliable for me other than the ST cloud.


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