Already a fan of the new dashboard

I like the way the new ez dashboard works now, Will be interesting to see what else will com ein updates to this.
Howeve since Im still very new on hubitat, can someone point me in the direction of how I can reduce the number of tiles, I have several sensors that can show lux, temp etc, but how do I actually add these attributes on the same motion sensor tiles, like you see on the picture that hubitat have showed, the same goes for the HSM tile , I have no idea how to make these
any help appreciated


Enter edit mode on the dashboard, click the cog/settings icon on the tile, and pick MultiSensor tile type. That should do it. Exit edit mode to save.

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thank you sir ! I guess it was that easy, so its seems I gotta change all that in the hubitat board before copying it as ezboard

But if Multi Sensor has too many attributes (for instance, Weather Station) is it any way to to filter out undesired attributes?

It doesn't show up in the app.????

I just found this new dashboard.
How do you install it?

Go to Dashboards (not Apps if you are used to this from the past...EDIT: actually, this has been added now too). There is nothing else to "install," just a matter of creating one.


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Even though it's pre-installed as @bertabcd1234 mentioned above, we figured that some users may like to be able to use the old method as well, so that is also available.

You can go to Apps then Built-in apps and look for Easy Dashboard. It will take you to the main Dashboards page: