Alpha Motors, Soon to be Supported By Bond

For those that use a Bond bridge and/or Alpha motors in their shades / blinds, Bond are getting ready to release support for these motors in their latest release due in the next few days.

I have personally tested it as part of their beta program and have now brought my orphaned battery-powered blind next to my front door into the fold alongside it's bigger mains-powered Somfy cousins. I tagged Australia because... well... that's where I am :slight_smile: , and it has been discussed by those down my way before in the Community, but I believe the support will extend to others around the globe who use Alpha motors.

I'd also say, I have, in recent days, enjoyed a similar attentiveness to beta feedback from Bond that we have enjoyed here on the Hubitat platform. I'd encourage anyone with supported products to consider the platform.


I should probably add, for those not aware, Bond offer a small hub (bridge) that can replace various remotes for things like RTS Somfy shades, fans, fireplaces, and some other devices. Hubitat offer a built-in, local integration with the Bond bridge, meaning you can automate your shades using completely local control.

Also, I'm not affiliated with Bond in any way, just a long-time fan... Much like I am with Hubitat :slight_smile:


Thanks for the plug, Simon! We've released v3.20.1 firmware this morning for BD-1000 (Bond Bridge 2nd-Gen) and BD-1750 (Bond Bridge Pro). This release includes support for Alpha Motors.

Please note that if your Bond Bridge has a serial number starting with A or B, then you sadly have a 1st generation Bridge which we stopped manufacturing ~5 years ago, and is not receiving any more updates.