Allow GV usage for volume control in RM? (see attached)

Any plans to allow GVs to set volume in Rule machine.
It would be very handy to set the announcement levels by mode of day.

Thank you


Image updated after @Ryan780 pointed out a mistake in my rule


Instead of the volume have you tried using %variable% instead? The way that this is done, with a speak the message at a volume doesn't work for all TTS devices. Doe sit work when you input just a number?

Also, you realize that your rule will never change the Global Variable, right? You only have actions for True. If the rule is always true, nothing will ever fire. You need a trigger with the trigger event that Mode Changes and then it will set the global variable as you expect.

Since I can’t use that feature Yet ,it was more of a placeholder, to remind me of intentions. I will review what you said. Thank you

You are correct sir. Good catch, hoping to see that feature soon