Allow contact sensors in Zone Motion

Could Zone Motion be modified to allow the selection of contact sensors as well as motion sensors?

I've achieved the same effect by using custom contact sensor drivers that also give a motion sensor attribute (active when open, inactive when closed). This has proved really useful for a motion zone that I want to be active when either motion is active or specific doors are open. If it could be incorporated directly into Zone Motion I'm sure it would be useful to others.

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Yes, I don't see why not.


I would also like that. I have several motion zones and all of them use contact sensors as part of zone. It would be easier to understand the components of the zone. And would remove the virtual driver as well as the rule used to do the converstion.

If you want to do this now you can use the community app Event Engine. Combine both motion sensors and contact sensors to keep a light\lights on. I have an automation in it that turns on closet LED strip if there is motion or if a contact sensor opens:

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Does the app Event Engine require WebCore to be installed?

No, it's a standalone app. Very cool, lots of options, and makes it easy to make more sophisticated automations w/out programming knowledge. Sits between Simple Automations app and Rule Machine.

Take a look - lots of things you can do w/it.

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