Allow backup downloads on mobile browsers

This isn’t really much of a limitation anymore, the latest versions of Android and iOS allow file downloads to cloud based data sources or onboard storage.

Can we remove this limitation? Workaround for now is to request desktop site which seems silly (it renders identically).


This seems to be a problem again in It worked before and safari or Chrome on iPhone can perfectly download files. Why the regression? Can this be fixed pls?

I’m running hub firmware as well, and just confirmed I can use safari to download a recent backup to my iPhone 12 pro running iOS 15.5 without any issues.

Thanks for getting back @marktheknife
I got the message on the update screen clicking the button "Create backup and download". Can't show it anymore as i updated after creating the backup in "request desktop version"

Strange. It worked for me without having to request the desktop website.

Strange indeed :thinking: