All Z-Wave Devices on C-7 Hub have become Unresponsive

I noticed yesterday that all my Z-Wave devices (mostly Zooz lights and other Zooz products) became unresponsive. I checked the Z-wave details page and noticed that all but one of them are missing routing info:

I tried the following troubleshooting steps but all attempts were unsuccessful:

  1. Restoring 3 different backups which included the Z-Wave radio.
  2. Z-Wave replace from Z-Wave Details page. After pulling the airgap and attempting to do it on one of my Zooz Zen27s I got some odd info on the device page:
  3. Z-Wave Repair shows failed nodes and none of the unresponsive devices acquired routing info:

For context, I have mesh which includes Upstairs Hub, Downstairs Hub, and a separate hub to aggregate and automate the first two hubs. Only my downstairs hub is affected.

At this point, what are my options so that I can salvage my automations and avoid a lot of work? Is there any way to bring my devices back to life?

Try a full power cycle. That is: Settings:Shutdown. When the LED goes Red, unplug it from the wall (not the hub) and wait 30 seconds. Only when the power is fully gone and drained out, do the Z-Radios reset. Power it back up and everything should come back.


Wow to my surprise that worked! This has never happened to me and I thought it was a lost cause.

Any idea what could have caused this issue? I know one of my devices has S0 security but I didn't think that one device could cause havoc like that on my network. Other than that I don't know of any issues that could have caused it.

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You hang around here long enough you pick up solutions.. then parrot them back. Feels great when it works :slight_smile:


@alexcapone, congrats on the fix. I'm curious, are you able to do a z-wave repair now that your z-wave mesh appears to be alive again? I'm asking because I experienced the same problem as you yesterday, applied the same fix, but still get all failed nodes upon attempting a repair, even now.

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Emergency repair procedures #1, power cycle, works most of the time. I had the same issue when removing a Z-Wave lock and everything just stopped at the end of the exclude. Thought those twitchy GE/Jasco switches excluded themselves while the hub was in exclusion mode. Panic set in for about 5 minutes and cycled the power.


Could you please PM me your hub's id? I'd like to look for the clues as to what happened here in the engineering logs on the hub...


I did not run another repair after everything came back to life because I've heard it should not be run if things are working correctly.

I do still have one unresponsive device which is an August Smart Lock so I may end up running another Z-Wave repair.

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As mentioned in my last post one of my August locks is still unresponsive:

Any tips on bringing this back to life? Should I try a Z-Wave repair on it?

Running a repair on one device won't hurt anything, and it might help. So yeah go ahead and run a repair on that device.

Unfortunately that didn't work. Any other last resort ideas?

Here is some info from Z-Wave Mesh Details. I don't know what any of this means but maybe this can provide insight on what's going on:

Here are some details from the device page:

I was attempting to get my August Lock Pro to work relibly for 2+ years.
No matter what I tried this toy was not working reliably.
Finally I gave up and was thinking to replace it with something else.
Recently I added Home Assistant to my setup and discovered the HA
has an integration for the August Lock. This is unfortunately cloud-based
integration but better than nothing. It works very well.

I agree that August Z-Wave was historically bad but after the 2.3.1 and Z-Wave Firmware 7.17.1 updates the inclusion process was much easier and I never had performance issues until this one event that took down my entire Z-Wave network.

I also have the cloud integration in Home Assistant but compared to Z-Wave the device response times are not nearly as fast when using the device in automations for both triggers and actions. I would notice difference for things like scanning an NFC tag to unlock or turning on lights when manually unlocking the door.

At this point you can try more of a brute force and just remove and then re-pair it to your hub.

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After I updated my hub to and of course, ZWave to 7.17.1 my August Lock PRO
started to drain batteries in about 3 weeks. But performance absolutely did not improve!
This was a final drop for removing August Lock from the ZWave network.
Now batteries is very happy and I still have HA cloud-based integration.
Yes, it is slower than ZWave but unlike ZWave it actually works near 100%.
For the automation I have a separate Door Sensor.
HA integration is used only for the automatic unlocking because in my case
(apartment complex environment) native Auto Unlock also is not working reliably.
Plus I am not always have my cell phone with me.

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This is what I ended up doing. It wasn't as painful because I used Swap Apps Device feature in the hub settings.


@gopher.ny I assume below announcement is why my Z-Wave devices didn't respond after restoring my backups?

If your hub was affected, you wouldn't be able to restore z-wave devices. My understanding is that power cycle brought the z-wave network back, with all devices intact, so that's a different issue.


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