All z-wave devices have stoped working

Hi all
I have a zooz zen20 power strip v2 and a zooz zen15 thy all stopped working via hubitat or voice
the hub is up to date and has been rebooted
the buttons on the strip and the power plug work

Perhaps @agnes.zooz can suggest trouble-shooting steps?

Shutdown the hub from the settings menu, unplug power at the wall (not the HE). Wait 5 mins and plug back in. Does that get you back on line?

I’m troubleshooting this (not all zwave in my case but the strip does stop responding) w/ zooz right now but i have the 2.3 HW version. First step is to unpair/repair with all the zwave security boxes unticked. I’ll let you know how it goes for me.

Are you able to exclude and re-include any Z-Wave devices at the moment? This would be the first thing to check to see if the radio is still working.

Personally I've struggled with the Z-wave implementation on the c7 for nearly half a year. It's just really really sensitive compared to smartthings, No issues at all with zigbee but every day I'd experience a few occurrences of the whole z-wave mess not responding for a few minutes and then return to normal as if nothing had happened.
Support have suggested it isn't a z-wave issue but an errant app causing issues instead but I've not been able to identify what this is.

hi all here is an update It has come back gone and come again whit out me do a thing I will be looking into it more

On my side it looks like i was wrong, My Zen20 is causeing other zwave devices to stop responding as well. When it happened i rebooted the hub 2x to make sure it was not a hub issue. As soon as i unplugged the Zen20 all zwave devices that were not responding, immediately started to respond. The Zen20 was also not responsive to button presses on the the device.

I hard reset the Zen20 2x letting it wait 5 mins in between with my C7 powered off. Then I powered on my C7 and paired the Zen20 w/o any S2 and redid all my automations. Now i wait to see if it happens again but the Zen20 should be able to be functional w/ S2.

Hi All,
an update, i have turned down all reporting on all devices
things seem better with my routine with google but one of the 3 items in the zen 20 is a bit slow