All Sunset/Sunrise automations not working

After the last 2 or 3 latest release updates a system that was perfectly working using sunrise and sunset automations is not working anymore. Also why you pushed a new interface to select apps, devices, rooms etc that is so unfriendly and difficult to use in the phone app. The previous interface was perfect and your desires to put more functions etc have destroyed the beauty of Hubitat. I’am a programer and we do not fix things that are working correctly. If this trend of fixing and changing what is working continues you’re going to loose many customers including me that have been a Hubitat loyal user for many years. I’m even planning to cancel my remote connection subscription and I’’m scare of your updates consistently changing and fixing what is working good. Sorry but my frustration have grown day after day particularly every time you guys touch and change the user interface with unusable gadgets. You can do much better that. Put the option to revert to the previous interface. The new interface is not users friendly and in top of that the overall functionality is moving backwards.


Updating versions is totally optional. I would recommend that you stay with the version that works for you.

As for downgrading the platform, that is totally possible. Add :8081 to the hub’s IP to go to the diagnostic tool and select the « restore previous version » option.


A bit of devils advocate here -but I actually understand the user frustration. To say 'updating is totally optional' is a misdirect. Either I can have bugs fixed and get an interface I don't want, or stay broken. THe gui is entwined to the firmware.
If the gui were managed independently or optional on HE, the it would be 'totally optional' but as it stands. The first words that come out when possible help comes are 'are you on current version' every dang time. But, yea. my 2021 HE interface is great. not.

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But many people have been asking for updates to the hub UI for years now. So what are the developers to do?

Do you have any specific feedback about what you see as worse in the new UI?

Also are you looking for assistance with troubleshooting your sunrise and sunset automations? We’d need quite a bit more info to know where to start.

This response seems to assume that all users experience all bugs equally, which is not true. @Sebastien is right that if a user is experiencing no issues, and is not interested in new features offered by a platform update, then it’s entirely up to the user whether applying the update is “worth” it.


Sunrise/sunset time are calculated internally by your hub based on:

  1. The hub's time
  2. The hub's location

Make sure your hub's time and location are accurate.