All On / All Off

Hello, just received my Hubitat and trying it out.

One important thing to me is a Panic button... when hit- I want to turn all the lights on.

Does Z-Wave support an All On or All Off command?

No, but you can easily make a group, put all lights in it, and then make the button trigger that entire group ON,

I used Alexa to launch the "All Lights" group. Works great. High WAF.

Thanks. I want a button primarily... that is what I had with good ole X-10 :slight_smile:
What is WAF?


Oh-- I figured it was something like that. Coming from X10 to Hubitat... I NEED high WAF solutions....

can "unequaled tonal dimension and fidelity" along with "AM Radio" be used in the same sentence???

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Omg, my grandmother had one of these!

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That is still in my in-law’s basement.

We ALL do. There's a reason you'll see WAF cited frequently in smarthome forums --you're on her turf every day with this stuff. I'm not new to SH (ancient X10, relays, etc) , but I am new to HE and zigbee/z-wave. As I was getting stuff to work on HE, my wife wasn't particularly impressed --she saw the functionality, but it didn't really click until I activated Alexa. I clinched it by then adding voice control to her entertainment center.

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:rofl: I've never seen anyone write "My wife was really impressed while I was setting up all the home automation stuff and trying to figure it out!" :wink: