All OFF Button with control LED

Hey, I using a button to switch all my lights OFF when we leave the house.

In this button there is a control LED. This LED is ON if minimum 1 light is ON in the house.
I use 2 rules to switch this control LED ON or OFF.

Are there other/better suggestions than the 2 rules I using?
Especially the "...OFF Check"

No sure about the rules, cause i haven't received my hub yet and haven't tried RM, but i'm curious about the button you use..
Brand / model ? :slight_smile:

I would look into using a group for all devices. you can set the group to be on if any switches are on.

You can also use on/off optimization Groups and Scenes - Hubitat Documentation

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Another approach that might give a bit of flexibility and easier maintenance if, for example, you wanted everything off except a hall light or night light, would be to define a scene with the desired lights, get them exactly how you want when you leave, then capture that scene. You would then be able to check whether that scene was active to see f everything is right, or simply activate that scene and everything would become as you want it. If you changed your mind how you want things to be, just turn lights on and off & recapture the scene.

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It is a regular "stupid" button with a LED from Niko

I make it smart with a Shelly 2.5 relay, 1 relay for the led, one relay to switch all lights OFF

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Thats works, in combination with the app "Switch Bindings app for Hubitat" (Bind "All Lights GROUP" to "ALL OFF Led") for switching the LED in the ALL OFF button.
I will give it a try, thx for the tip.

If switch binding doesn’t work you can use a rule to evaluate the state of the group and turn on or off the light

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