All of my 3rd Reality Sensors Stopped Working

All of my Third Reality Zigbee Sensors Stopped Working

I first noticed that my hallway lights didn't turn on. I remembered there being a previous bug with the battery meter, so even though it reported 34%, I put in fresh batteries.

The hub's battery meter is still reading 34%. The motion indicator light on the device itself shows it is working properly, but the hub isn't picking it up.

Then I noticed that the contract sensor on my front door isn't triggering automations either.

Last events recorded (excluding battery):
Motion Sensor: 10/31/22 11:43 pm active then inactive
Contact Sensor: 10/31/22 3:52 pm opened then closed

Update: Restored the hub to 10/30/22 and the sensors are triggering automations again, but the battery meters are still stuck

I don't know about the battery readings - there are some firmware updates available for Third Reality devices, and I would recommend updating.

But, in general, if zigbee devices stop responding or reporting to the hub, the underlying issue is a weak mesh. The Hubitat documentation has instructions on how to build a strong zigbee mesh, linked to below:


I just have a few 3R things, but they're all working fine today. Batteries are reporting properly since the f/w updates were made available -- I think that happened as part of


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