All Lights Unresponsive in Alexa

I've begun the swap over to Hubitat from Smartthings.

However, I've begun to encounter issues with both Zigbee and Wifi bulbs and Alexa.

They keep going unresponsive. All of them, not just one at a time, all of them at once.

I have deleted the bulbs in Alexa and then gone into the Amazon Echo Skill and updated the availability of the lights in Alexa and clicked 'Done'.

In the Alexa App It immediately finds the bulbs and they appear in the device list, but, they also instantly become unresponsive!

I'm using a mix of Osram Smart+ Zigbee bulbs and Lifx bulbs/Z-Strip.

They all work from my dashboard, but that defeats the object when I simply want to ask Alexa to turn off the garage light! If I'd wanted to operate the light manually I wouldn't have bothered trying to automate, I'd use the light switch.

Does anyone have any ideas?

When I migrated I had few devices that Alexa kept trying to use ST for even though I had removed them from that platform.

YMMV, but as an experiment you may want to try turning off the ST hub, removing the bulbs from the Alexa app in Hubitat, deleting the bulbs from Alexa, and reboot the hub. Then go back into the Alexa app in Hubitat, and re-add the bulbs, rediscover and then see if they respond. Only then would I turn the ST hub back on.

Make sure you’ve reserved an IP Address in your router’s DHCP server for your Hubitat Hub. This will help to maintain a solid connection between the Hubitat hub and the Hubitat cloud, which the Amazon Skill depends on. Not sure if this is part of the problem you’re seeing, but it is a best practice.