All Hue lights turned on after power outage - Hue Bridge integration issue?

Had a power outage last night. After it was restored, one issue I noticed was that all of my Hue lights turned on when power was restored.

I reconfirmed I have all of them set to power recovery mode. They they were all off at the time of the outage, so as I understand that setting they shouldn't have all turned on when power was restored.

The Events page for the bulbs showed the Hue Bridge integration as the cause of the lights turning on.

Just me, seems like a bug in the built-in Hue bridge integration. Or am I missing something?

Sounds like it. That's an event, which just means it happened. Do you see a command, which tells you what did it? You may need to check other groups or individual bulbs. Otherwise, all you're seeing is a report from the app that the bulbs are on--pretty boring alone since you already know that part.

Commands will have "command" in the Type column for the device events, and the "Name" will also start with "command-." I suspect you won't find anything, assuming Hue itself may have turned your devices on, but that's a guess only because it seems more likely if the above is all you see.

There are some odd reports of this feature if this describes your situation: And I think there is also an on/off "turn on anyway" sequence you can do that may have inadvertently been done if your power was flickering (again just one guess).


I use the built-in Hue bridge integration, and I have never had my Hue lights not follow the "Power Loss Recovery" setting.

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Here's one example for one of the bulbs, they are all the same...these are all the events listed:

9:12 was when power was restored, and the Hue Bridge Integration seems to be the only culprit. Pico event is me turning the light off (I had to go around and turn all of them off).

I looked at the link you provided and that seems to explaing things. The "15s rule" if it's true, seems like it may be the cause...we had power drop and then power came up/dropped quickly a few times, before it sat w/no power for a whie and then power was finally fully restored. So the power on events during the quick up/drop sessions were likely well short of 15s.

The answer is that this setting only applies when the lights have been on for at least 15 seconds (confirmed with a timer). So if you turn them on, wait 15 seconds, then turn them off, the next time you turn them on your power on setting will be respected. If you turn them off within 15 seconds of turning them on, it doesn’t matter how long you leave them off for before turning them back on but they will use the default color next time they’re turned on.

Good sleuthing - I'll call case solved for now. Wish Hue would not implement it this way...especially when power is unstable it's going to always make bulbs behave (for me, anyway) badly.