All devices disappeared from zwave list but keep working

Happened couple of days ago.
Zwave list got empty (was ~20 devices there)
the devices themself keep working and can be controlled from "devices" tab.
reboots didn't help.

any hope of recovery, or do I have to start from scratch?


Try doing a soft reset and restore.

Have you tried doing a shutdown, and then power-cycling the hub? When you power-cycle, disconnect power from the outlet end, and not the hub's microUSB connector.


We are investigating this issue and we believe to be a UI glitch, as previous reports indicated that devices are working, as you mentioned as well. You do not need to run a Sort Reset or to start over, but please send me a private message along with your hub ID. The more data we gather, the sooner we will be able to replicate and resolve the issue.


this helped!
I didn't realize that full shutdown is different from reboot.
I'll keep monitoring it


It is. During a reboot, the z-wave and zigbee radios remain powered. So if they enter an errored state (like the z-wave radio in your hub), that state will persist through a reboot.

On the other hand, during a power cycle, the radios also lose power, clearing any incorrect states.

I would recommend taking @bobbyD's advice. Send him a PM along with your hub's UID.


trying hard to send private message, but mail icon doesn't show up for me in any profile. I guess I need to gain some "karma" first?

Join the Hub Owners group - doing so will give you permissions to post pictures and send private messages.

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done and done!
thanks a lot!


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