All Caseta Lights Random Off?

Hi everyone,

New Hubitat user and everything is great after suffering too long on ST. Every “bug” I’ve encountered this far has, in fact, been a configuration error that I have since resolved, except one…

I have my Lutron Pro Hub integrated via the native integration and a number of switches, dimmers and blinds. For the second time now all the switches and dimmers have either turned off or on without any input from me not from a rule or app.

In the second case I can 100% confirm no one was near a button, yet when I look at the Events tab on one of the lights it shows a “Power Off (physical).”

Despite the “physical” specification I have reviewed the rules and settings involving the light in question and none has remotely the conditions for this to happen. Both occurrences were many days apart…very random.

No idea where to go with this given how seldom and seemingly randomly this occurs. Appreciate any ideas!!!

Thank you

What scenes do you have in the Caséta app? The physical event clearly indicates that they weren’t turned off by Hubitat - those events would be digital.

However, if they were turned off by a Caséta scene, or by some other direct Caséta integration (like an Alexa integration with Caséta), the event would show up as physical.

And Alexa “hunches” are notorious for this crap.


If all of your Lutron devices turn on or off at exactly the same time, it sounds like something is quirky with the integration. It could be either hardware or software on either the Lutron bridge or Hubitat side.

I would suggest disabling the integration and see if you can duplicate the situation using only the Lutron bridge and app and devices.

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Brilliant - somehow my Lutron “Smart Away” had the “Activate Automatically” slider enabled. I bet anything my Nest Protects didn’t see Motion for some period of time and decided we weren’t home so it started cycling the lights. In both cases it was right in the time window Smart Away is set to run.

You just saved me a ton of time! I didn’t realize Lutron Bridge actions would register as “physical” so didn’t even think to look.

Thank you so much.