All Aeotec Nano Switches No Longer Working

Hi All, I have been slowly building my Z-Wave mesh for the past year and so far everything has been working quite well. I have a mix of Aeotec Smart Switch 6's and Aeotec Dual/Single nano Switches, however as of last week ALL of the Nano Switches, two dual and two single types are no longer communicating with the Hub.
Yesterday I Excluded two of them (the two oldest duals, that had up to last week been working flawlessly). One of them paired eventually after five or six attempts but never communicated again with the Hub once paired, and I the second will not pair after dozens of attempts. This was all while the hub is in the same room, less than three metres away, with clear line-of site to the exposed Nano switch and the antenna free and clear. I have done several factory resets and still nothing. I have tried including with the Aeotec device as well as a 'Manual Z-Wave' inclusion, nada.
The remaining two single Nano's I have are still Included in Hubitat from when they used to work, but no comms are working and Z-Wave Repair has them as non-reporting fails.
I have not added anything to my mesh in the past few months, had not moved anything either. I also did not (read: cannot) update the firmware on any of the switches as I do not have a Z-Stick, only using my C7 as a mesh hub.

So my only thoughts are that a recent Hubitat update has somehow broken the communications with the Nano Switches. All my other Z-Wave devices are communicating well still, including other Aeotec devices.

Has anyone else had similar issues with the Aeotec Nanos? Or can anyone give me some advice on how to further debug this?

Attached is a capture of my mesh details. Red underline are the Aeotec Nanos. Hallway Switch was the one that re-paired after exclude and reset, but did not communicate again. Bedroom Hallway and Toothbrush remain paired but do not respond to any commands. These also have line-of-sight with the hub down a straight corridor, maximum 10m distance.

May want to try shutting down the hub and removing the power from the wall for about 15-20 seconds, and then a couple things stand out:

  1. 0x33 is Pending, try putting it back into pairing mode to see if it will finish including; if it doesn't temporarily exclude and remove it.
  2. 0x2B is routing through 0x22, so if 0x22 isn't working it my not be routing either.
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