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I've been working with Alfred tech support for a while now (they are actually pretty great in responsiveness and knowledge). During the troubleshooting (specifically around battery reporting) the rep asked to me compare the battery readings provided by HE with the actual Alfred app- the difference is 87% on the app to 79% on HE. That's a big difference. Is anybody with Alfred locks seeing this delta with the battery level?

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This is on Alfred since we report exactly the value that the lock sends us, this assumes obviously that both Hubitat and Alfred have captured these values around the same time...

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Aside from what @mike.maxwell said, just want to point out that for the Schlage and Yale deadbolts I have used, that difference would be insignificant.

The last part of that makes sense..."captured at the same time".. here's the message I got from the Alfred folks. I was having some other issues so they sent me a new lock for free because of my troubles :slight_smile:
Alfred Management (Alfred Inc.)

Jul 7, 2020, 1:17 PM CDT

Hi Jonas,

For battery life we need to watch over time, I.e. 87% may be within the norm if you end up getting 9+ months in the end. The battery levels are based on voltage drop among other things and is not always a completely linear reading over time and by the batteries in question. So we will watch it and confirm.

As for the Delta, I agree this is very large and not what I would want either. That being said this again falls in the realm of questioning whether it is related to the way the lock and hub are communicating and relaying the data provided.

I have confirmed that we send the battery percentage level via Zwave, not voltage level, so during a lock or unlock event, the Alfred lock should send an updated battery percentage to the hub. This percentage is the same as what our app.

Perhaps Hubitat is averaging threshold readings with pushed readings from the lock which results in the delta. It is not something I am experiencing with Smartthings or some other hubs, though I did see larger battery level reading deltas with early Vera/Ezlo integrations, though updates seem to have resolved those.

Your readings could be more finely tuned with August, as they have likely been integrated with updated drivers for longer than most locks on the market with Hubitat.

Something of note to investigate for sure, but difficult to diagnose from our end at the moment.


As mentioned, we create an event with the data received from the lock. There is no averaging or other changes made to the data.
I can't explain the difference, but I'm also not concerned about it...

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Hard pass.




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