Alfred DB2

Anyone with an Alfred DB2 lock know if it correctly reports lock code used?

Need to replace a few locks. Picked up an Ultraloq on holiday special, and disappointingly found out it does NOT report the lock code used on unlock events.

So thought I would ask.

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I actually just found one that I forgot I ordered…


Yes, they do.

Edit: I should mention that the Alfred's seem to have a finicky z-wave radio. In my system, they have frequent route changes and sometimes don't update without a refresh. I have not experienced this with other locks, including the Ultraloq. I tried reaching out to Alfred support but they blamed it on my z-wave mesh (of course).


What about putting a beaming repeater next to the lock then re pairing it to force it through the repeater?

I’ve had my BD2-B for over a year. Yes it reports lock codes as @halfrican.ak stated am yes it has a high number of route changes for some reason. But mine works flawlessly. I have it connected with s2 (the only device with security in my mesh). It only connects at 40k - ever - so I assume it is a limitation of the module.

Right now mine is connected DIRECT and usually says that when I look, but it does bounce around between some of my zooz switches occasionally.

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