Alfred DB2 ZWave - Joining but not really

I got a new Alfred DB2 a couple of weeks ago. I recently got the zwave module for it and went to pair it with my hub.

It wouldn't pair with the hub, even though the hub was within 6ft of the entry door. So I purchased an Aeotec Range Extender 7 and plugged it in directly behind the door. It joined the network without any issues.

Now when I try to join the lock to the network it says it joined on the lock. And in the discovery phase in Hubitat it shows it found it. But it doesn't ever show up in my devices list. I've excluded/included it several times and get the same results.

Any thoughts on possible solutions?

Well I feel kind of dumb now.

Turns out I was using the DSK from the Aeotec Range Extender instead of the one from the Alfred ZWave module when adding it.

When I used the DSK from the module, it just worked.

Documenting that here, in case anyone is doing dumb stuff like me.

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Glad you got it working

I have had my Alfred DB2-B since October and love it!!

Yeah I just added a Rules Engine to let me know at 9pm if the batteries are below or equal to 38%. Because they are right now....

I think that had to do w/ all of the times I tried to include/exclude the device.

They were new batteries, also my door is perfectly hung and end up having to pull on the door to lock it, and have had a quite a few times locking that the lock went through all of it's attempts and couldn't lock it.

Next up get a handy man out to fix the door :slight_smile:

When I put my fist set of batteries in they were new energizes and it was reporting 45%. About a month later it hit 37% and it didn’t have enough to actuate.

Second set showed 100%. No idea. So two months later I am at 80% so the battery draw is higher than I would like to see, that is the only negative think I can say about this lock.

I had a Schlage for almost three years and it was just wasn’t worth the price.

In three month I have not had a failed action from (I monitor retries because of my experience with the Schlage) and the best is zero complaints from my wife. It just works like it should.

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