Alfred DB2-B inclusion - miserably fails

Yourhubip))settings))z-wave details , use windows snip and post everything on the page

I have this device and it works great! I have included this on a C7. Excluded from the C7 and Included to a C8 without any issues.


So last night after everything failed, I reset the lock and scanned the zwave module QR code for the smart inclusion. The thing was sitting there "pending" all evening and this morning the lock showed up as a device...

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Yeah I have grown to like Smart Start, scan it in, power up, included automatically. Usually it works pretty quick not sure why yours took overnight.

I also found that if you exclude / remove the device and then restart it the Smart Start will pick it up again and re-include it. This could be good or bad depending on what you are trying to do.

That being said, all your inclusion problems have probably caused some dead ghost nodes in your zwave details. You will want to try and remove as many as you can by doing refresh > wait > remove > wait (hope they go away).

I presume all of these are the proverbial "ghosts?" What do I do with them? I don't see any button to remove them.

Click refresh once, wait for page to refresh. Check for Remove button, if not there try refresh again. If you have Remove click that once and wait. May want to have logs open on another tab. Hopefully remove will actually remove them.

Sometimes if you get stuck on refresh or remove not working this helps: shut down the hub and pull power for 10 seconds, then start up again. Then wait a minute or two and try again.

There is entire thread dedicated to this: How To: Remove Z-Wave Ghosts using a UZB Stick

Yes, those are ghosts and they will prevent you from adding the lock and will be destructive to your mesh. They need to be removed. As @jtp10181 says hit refresh then remove (remove power to the lock first). If that doesn't work you will need a z-wave stick to remove them. Please have a look at this post. It will help avoid gotchas like this

Well, majority of my attempts to remove the damn zombies end up in

And God knows I collected a few of those over the years :slight_smile:

Disconnect power from the lock. Shut down the hub from the settings menu. Unplug the hub for 5 mins. This will clear the radio, bring back up. once that is done work on only one device. If successful, rinse and repeat. Now you only have the one lock on there so far, so if it doesn't work, you could always reset the radio and start over on the z-wave pairing for both locks.

The count is up to 91 nodes shown in the screenshot, so I would assume there are more devices. Do not reset the radio!

The "Busy" message usually can get cleared up with a power down as explained. Be patient, only click refresh once and wait, then remove once. Too much activity will jam up the zwave chip again.

Also, I looked but could not see anywhere that you stated if this is a C7 or C8? If this is a C7, check if you have a "Firmware Update" button at the top of your zwave details page, if you do then run the zwave firmware update before doing anything else.

Sorry wasn't paying attention. I thougt he only had the one running device. Yeah, get a z-wave stick and remove the ghosts.

Yeah, I am past the lock - those 5 ghosts were removed, now finding the other zombies in all the weird places. The hub is C7, waiting on my C8 to come in :slight_smile: Patience is a rare currency around here!

Check the top of zwave details page, make sure you do not have a button to update the firmware.

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If you migrate, the ghosts will follow. ALL ghosts need to be removed from your hub or your mesh will be a nightmare.

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So, after C-7 to C-8 migration, I'm happy to report a couple of good things. First, I could not remove those ghosts to save my life on C-7, I had probably 4 left when the C-8 arrived. Since the stick is more than 24 hours away I decided to migrate :slight_smile: As I said, patience is a very hard to find currency around this house.
With that said, of course the ghosts migrated, BUT... Their deletion on the C-8 was a non-event. The hub just shruged and said, "sure, deleted, anything else?"
With that out of the way, I'm also happy to see that the lock has a direct connection to the hub, rather than 2-3 nodes on the old one. Whether this is a function of the new chip or not - who knows, don't care.

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Yes, upgraded zwave chip + external antenna improved zwave a lot over the C7. With a C8 most devices will direct connect in an average sized home is what the community has discovered.

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So the lock is working, but the numbers seem a bit wonky? PER and Route changes seem to be excessively high?

It might be struggling with the direct route and keeps bouncing from a single hop then back to the direct route.

It is possible it also has worked out whatever its issue was and is stable now.

I would first just try rebooting the hub which will reset those stats. Then monitor it over 24hrs to see what happens.

If it keeps route changing a lot you could try adding a repeater near it to see if it will pick that up and stick with it, or there is also a way using PC Controller you can hard set a "default" route, but that still does not guarantee it wont route change if its not happy with it.

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My DB2-B does seem to hunt around more than I like. The inovelli’s I have are worse, but my c7 has been up for 5 days and it has 14 route changes.

But I have zero packet errors.

But since I was looking, I just realized I have 102 packet errors on one of my Zen31’s. Hmmm wonder what the hell is up with that??

Check the route it's taking and the distance physically. You can try a repair on the individual node (please not the whole mesh) and see if that helps with re routing.