Alexa will only dim hubitat group of Sengled

I created a group called Living Room Lights that consists of five Sengled Color Bulbs, shared this group with Alexa via the Amazon Echo Skill and although I can control color, on, off for the entire group via voice commands I am not able to raise the brightness, only dim via voice control.

I can say 'Alexa, set my Living Room Lights' to 10%, but it will only work if the lights are above 10%. Once the lights are at 10% I am unable to get her to set the lights to 80%.

I have complete control of this group from the Alexa app (I can set the brightness via the slider, for example) and it works well... but voice commands will not raise the brightness of the group.

To make matters more confusing I can set the dim level in either direction if I call out specific bulbs and not the group. Also confusing is I can say something like 'Alexa, set the Living Room Lights to as bright as possible' and that will work. So strange.

Anyone ever experience something like this?

That is strange - I just tested on my "Den Lights" group of 8 recessed bulbs and it works - Had Alexa dim to 10% then back to 100%..

What drivers are you using? Mine are set to "Sengled Element Color Plus"
Do you have Zigbee Group Messaging turned on? I do.

Sengled Element Color Plus <== yes
Zigbee Group Message <== yes, on the group and each bulb

Each bulb? How do you do that?

Here is one of my typical bulb configs:

Oops, I was thinking of 'Hub Mesh' not 'Group Messaging'. So, I have Hub Mesh ticked at each bulb and then group messaging on the Living Room Group.

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I don't think it's related but why do you need each bulb hubmeshed instead of just the group?

I dont have an answer for that. I will un-tick that hub mesh on each bulb so that I am configured the same way as you and try again.

Somehow, unticking the Hub Mesh on each bulb seems to have made things worse. Now, she only can control one of the bulbs in my group.

Oh boy. I don't know what I've done. Up until now I really felt like I had a handle on things... this is not my first group and is not my first Alexa integration with Hubitat.

Yikes - go into your group and unselect and select the bulbs again.. and make sure you click "done" to save.

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Have you removed all the bulbs from the Alexa app? If you don't need individual control that might be good as well... also make sure the group is selected - click on the device list in the app and hit update, then make sure it's selected then click done.

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Ok -- did that. Removed them all and then only re-added the group back into Alexa.

This time, interestingly, I saw a notification from within the Alexa app on my phone that 'Living Room Lights is now connected to Alexa through the Hubitat Skill'. I have never seen that message before so maybe things are connected successfully now?

As of a few minutes ago, I am able to dim and brighten the lights via voice commands :grinning:. I'll see if it sticks and try again a little later.


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