Alexa wait for a response

Is there a way to alexa ask a question and wait for a response then trigger action?

Yes, though it requires a bit of bubble gum and duct tape. This rule does just that - it looks for critical hub events, then announces a 60 second countdown, and if it doesn't get a response from Alexa, it reboots the hub. It sends alerts to different Echos depending on the time of day, so I dont wake up the whole house at 2am. There's a correspning Alexa routine that turns on the "alexa says abort" switch when it hears "alexa, abort."

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Wow! So I can use this to say, have Alexa tell me the garage door is open ( say at 8 PM) and then ask "would you like me to close it"?

If I reply " no " it waits a certain amount of time and asks again.

If I reply "yes" the door closes and Alexa responds " garage door closed"

Yup! It just involves the creation of a virtual switch that Alexa can manipulate, You'd have to have a REPEAT in there to get it to ask multiple times. The good thing is you can use the virtual switch in many automations, as long as they don't run concurrently.

I should have mentioned this uses the community-based Echo Speaks app. Do you have that installed?

Yes I have echo speaks. Any way you can give me an example? I would sure appreciate it :slightly_smiling_face:

Lemme see if I can whip something up. I dont have a garage though so I'll have to fake it!

I was hoping this could be a little more elegant, using a WAIT UNTIL instead of a stoppable repeat, but couldn't quite get it to work. But this does...

It relies on a switch called "Alexa says yes" which is configured as follows:

and an Alexa routine that looks like this:

I have a Yolink garage door opener. It as an open close sensor. I've downloaded the yolink app for HE. But its connected with Alexa.

That's a different animal. In my example the garage door opener and contact sensor need to be connected to HE. You could probably modify it to activate a virtual motion sensor and then have another alexa routine open the garage door if the motion sensor goes active but it's MUCH better to limit your automations to HE.

FYI it turns out "yes" is a reserved word for Alexa, which is why I went with "confirm."

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yes I see. There is no device added for garage opener. How about a weekly announcement for the garbage. Did you take out the garbage? yes=end, No = repeat in 20 mins.
Time 2:30 PM
Day Monday & Thursday


I think you're on your own for that one. But it shouldn't be too difficult to modify my example.

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OK Thanks for your help

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