Alexa VS Advanced vThermostat

I don't know if this is the right place to ask
Does anyone outside of USA/Canada use VT with Alexa ?

  1. I created my virtual thermostat that I am testing with 2 sensors and a virtual relay, All OK.
  2. I connected the VT to the scheduler and again, all OK .
  3. Trying to connect VT to Alexa finds it but then gives an error....

Checking with @nclark the configuration is OK.
But we suspect that something in the Echo skill integration for Italian is not working well.
Does anyone have any experience with this?
Thanks for the help

Or with any thermostat for that matter !?

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Yes True

I use the vThermostat and I have no issues sending Alexa Voice commands to it.

I had never tried to actually open the device in the Alexa app but when I do I just get a blank screen.

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I have blank screen too, and error

hmmm, am I the only one for who it's working all the way? It works perfectly with voice commands and also via the app on IOS. (This is a first for me since most people say that Alexa Geofencing is 100% reliable and I have about a 20% success rate).

Browsing through the driver code, I just can't seem to understand why it would work for some and not others. Could it be because of of the mode the vThemostat is in (heat vs cool vs auto). Any tests and feedback could help us discover the problem.

As soon i get home i will do more test
Waht i can tell you for now is that i always use it in heat mode
I have make one test yesterday with another vT nont connected to a scheduler and it have the same problem

Yesterday i did no test because
Obviously there was the Perseverance landing on Mars :slight_smile:
During the weekend i have more time.
But thinking about it .
What i can do for test?
Do you have suggestions?
Someone have suggestions?