Alexa Voice Controlled Bidet Remote Setup Suggestions

Hi. Looking to be able to say, “Alexa, wash my bum” and it would trigger one of my bidets which are remote-controlled. Or I can use it on visitors or my kids that are sitting in the bathroom too long. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to set this up. :smiley:

  1. I have the connection with Hubitat and Echo enabled.
  2. The bidets have remotes but are probably IR.
  3. I have a Harmony remote which has been sitting idle in a box.
  4. Thinking that maybe something like a Bond could potentially interface with the bidet’s remote.


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You can definitely do this with Harmony. If it wasn't expensive (which really all you need is the hub and those are often found for less than $100) then I would simply use that if you have no other use for it. Harmony can learn any IR remote commands.

I use Dan's driver with my Harmony hub. It's local, so it's fast and will work when internet is interrupted. For triggering, just create an Alexa routine to turn on one of the virtual switches that the integration creates.

There are other IR options too.

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Amazing :joy: :raised_hands:

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I thought I'd seen every conceivable weird use for HE but this one takes the cake lol.

Do you actually have a harmony hub?

Another cheap option is a Broadlink RM mini if your remote is IR and not RF. A search on the forums will turn up the appropriate resource.

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good grief... I just set up a broad link mini 3 to flush my Toto bidet toilet. It works great. There is no reason you couldn't get it to do any of the functions on the remote. The only issue I was worried about was that when I pushed the the Bidet remote the motion triggered soap dispenser, dispensed soap... :).

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Wow. I thought i was crazy. I have a Brondell and Bio Bidet with remotes. Both remotes trigger our Simple Human Automatic Soap Dispensers whenever you use the remotes. You’re the only other person I know that also has that issue.

Wife is kinda upset at me now and I worried that Alexa will misunderstand someone and start squirting water all over the place.

Sorry I should’ve specified that I have the hub too. It’s one of my least favorite devices.

Our Toto is an auto flush and thats the soap dispenser we have... I ended up relocating the soap dispenser. We shut it off at night since it auto cleans and makes the noise I don't want to hear through the night and now its set up to flush when it turns on in the morning.

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The soap dispenser issue is so strange. With one sink I can’t relocate it but I suppose I can with the other. I also had one bidet put on an Iris Smart Plug as a timer to shut off in the evening too. Our Brondell and bio bidets self-clean but only after we use them or when we set them to.

Update: picked up a Bond and am hoping to make this work. The main floor will be called Powder Bidet, upstairs will be Upstairs Bidet, and basement will be Basement Bidet. I’ll make some signs so people can try out the voice commands. I plan on freaking visitors and guests the heck out by having an Alexa Routine in the basement dim the lights, say something like, “okay baby”, then play some Marvin Gaye when they say those magic words. Any other weird and entertaining uses for this?