Alexa Voice Commands for thermostats

I have two thermostats defined in Hubitat. One is the Google Nest Thermostat with the Google Nest new User API and the other is a Daikin Minisplit defined with a user written Daikin controller for Hubitat.

I share these out to Alexa. Voice commands work for:

Set {thermostat name} temperature X degrees
Set {thermostat name} mode {heat}
set {thermostart name} mode {air conditioning}
What is the temperature in {thermostat name}

The command that does not work is:

What is the {thermostat name} set to?

Alexa always responds with:

The AC is set to ZERO.

The devices in hubitat clearly show their set points. It seems the message is not getting to Alexa. Has anyone seen this and is there a fix? Since I have both a Google Nest and a Daikin Minisplit, this is not tied to the brand or driver used. Both devices do list their set points.

That's similar to what I need.

I want Alexa to recognize my wife's voice, answer in the affirmative but do nothing.

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All the commands work, except for the last. Very funny.