Alexa UK

I have moved everything (admittedly not much) off ST. So now I looked at installing the Alexa Skill. But it looks like you've forgotten us on this side of the pond.

Is there an ETA for this? or can you share source code so I can port into the UK region

There is no Alexa Skill for Hubitat at this time. Devices are discovered by the Alexa app without the need for a skill (simulates a Hue bridge for device discovery). Are you having issues discovering devices, or do I misunderstand your question?

Iā€™m in the UK and have been using my hubitat hubs with Alexa for ages!
Works perfectly for me :slight_smile:


Ah ok then lack of reading.... It was late... I was just reading install the app etc... Was searching for an app :slight_smile:

Apps are on Hubitat. Skills are on Alexa :wink:

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